Quad Bike Adventure

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Quad Bike Adventure

Kiwengwa, Zanzibar


Our activity starts in a neighbourhood named Mafarasi. From this place we run to the countryside crossing beautiful rice fields, sugar cane plantations, as well as huge areas with farms of fruit trees like for example: mangoes, bananas, papayas, oranges, palms, etc., and also a big variety of spices like: cloves, cinnamon, vanilla, pepper plants, and more.

After crossing these beautiful plantations we found a typical countryside village where, with the characteristic happiness and hospitality of the resident people, we can be witness to theirs humble way of living, getting inside of theirs huts and we enjoy with their company, theirs fruits and delicious organic juices.

It is the best way to look at the inland nature as well as to get in touch and enjoy the way of living of the population of this area. The tour carries on for different roads where we can see, again, the nature while we cross more plantations.

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